BALDER was founded by professionals with different nationalities and different backgrounds, but one thing in common: many years of experience in providing consultancy services relating to Intellectual Property.

We are an international team, but based in Madrid and Bilbao, which implies a cost advantage over many other European cities. This means that we can offer interesting conditions to skilled professionals in terms of living standards, while offering our clients competitive tariffs. In other words, we can offer high quality at a reasonable price.

Due to our different backgrounds and extensive experience, we also know that things can be done in many different ways, and the right way for some clients may be the wrong way for others. We have therefore strived to give BALDER a flexible structure that allows us to accommodate to the specific needs and wishes of each client.

Now, while offering the full range of IP related services, one of our most famous “house specials” is our Latin American Package, the main features of which are:

• Uniformity in the quality standards and turnaround times.

• Flat-fee cost structure, whereby the same professional fees are charged no matter the country we are dealing with.

• Simplified formalities -such as the possibility of using just one Power of Attorney or one single translation of a patent specification into Spanish or Portuguese for all the countries.

This IP Prosecution guideline contains requirements for the filing and the maintenance of patent and trademark rights. Additional information and cost estimation of our services will be provided upon request.

Changes in the local law or practice in any jurisdiction in this guide will be informed through newsletters and on our website www.balderip.com.

The information contained in this guide is not intended to provide legal advice, and should not be a substitute for this purpose. Legal advice should be requested before any course of action. Balder IP Law, S.L. bears no responsibility for any acts, errors or omissions by the use of this guide.


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